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In 1998 Elettromedia (Italian manufacturer of consumer audio products since 1979) creates the Hertz brand, giving voice to its amplifiers and becoming a world leader in the loudspeakers marketplace. Hertz quickly introduces important innovations in the drivers design technology, confirming creativity as a key strategic asset for Elettromedia.

In 2006 Hertz already occupies an established position worldwide among car audio brands and presents the Hi-Power line of amplifiers to the many fans who ask for entirely Hertz audio systems.


Since its launch, the Hertz brand represents many different kinds of high end mobile audio products, including amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers.

HT 19, HT 25
The Hertz team develops an exclusive compound for the tweeter dome called Tetolon, to fully convey the sound naturalness
A complete line with woofers, midranges, tweeters and coaxials, breaking into the world car audio as protagonist for high sensitivity and strong power handling
Sub boxes featuring a bold design, to make the response curve asymmetric, thus their name ”Asymmetric band pass” sub boxes; they set a new limit among the high SPL score products
Space 6
A woofer which amazes for its size: 165 mm diameter for just 39 mm mounting depth in less than a kg, a record! Air Mille Subwoofer line specifically designed for free air application.
Air Mille
Subwoofer line specifically designed for free air application 360° Reflex Exponential Port. All the sub box lines are equipped with the new exponential port, which eliminates internal vibrations .
Few years after its debut, the success of Hertz is confirmed by the EISA Award: the Space 6K 25 system wins within the Mobile Electronics Loudspeaker category
From the remarkable, for size but not only, HS subwoofers the “ES” subwoofers discende; two new sub series add: the “ML” series for the Mille line and the “HX” series for the Hi-Energy line. Outcome of noticeable design refinements, the new subs are the best in quality/price ratio in their respective categories
The historical line comes to its third release: besides its remarkable technological upgrades, a cotton fibre pressed-paper cone is employed and the three-way coaxial features a flat tweeter. The new sub boxes complete the line Exponential Flanged Duct For the first time, the sub boxes are equipped with a new port, reducing distortion at the lowest frequency ranges
The first entry level low cost line in the Hertz speaker world
The new Mille line is the reference within high fidelity reproduction and the Elettromedia team’s pride. The woofers feature the innovative V-cone® technology, a V-shaped cone with exponential profile, for maximum linearity and dispersion; in the subwoofers a die-cast basket is employed for the first time
Mille sub
The first products created by the Elettromedia Design Centre are a mix of design and innovative technologies which conquer the opinion leaders world wide: ML 3000 wins the 2007 Innovations Award and ML 2500 is given the 2007-2008 EISA Award.
The fans ask for a full Hertz system and the electronics are re-introduced into the product catalogue: their high power and multiple functions of the Hi-Power amplifiers revolutionize the concept of the amplifier! Confirmation comes from the Las Vegas CES Show where the HP 1KD is awarded with the 2007 Innovations Award.
DBX 250
An extry level subwoofer box boasting an exclusive design with die-cast grilles and customised inserts; the attention of Hertz to the design involves all products of all the ranges indistinctly
In the new Energy line the Hertz know-how is applied to the coaxials: RHFC (Rotary High Frequency Contour), adjustable tweeter for perfect off-axis dispersion and wide frequency response.
Following a project oriented to maximum efficiency without distortion, the Hertz team introduces the Hi-Energy subwoofers: five spoke ergonomic basket, the evolution of the ML line optimised in terms of robustness and rigidity; forced cooling system with eight holes located on the bottom plate
In the SPL Monster subwoofers, the innovative RMA system (Removable Moving Assembly) provides the ability to entirely replace the mobile group in just a few seconds, without the need of remiving the speaker from its installation placement
SPL Monster
Hertz debuts into the SPL competitions with a line of amplifiers and subwoofers designed to achieve record-breaking power
The Hi-Energy line grows in performance and look, keeping all the features that have made it the Hertz best-seller line. To enhance the cone lightweight, Hertz creates a compound of damping materials and fibreglass weave, called Damped Mesh Fibre
SPL Show
All the components to create an SPL competition car audio installation together in one line: tweeters, midranges, woofers and subwoofers
The HE IN system provides the ability to perform an “easy up-grade” both for OEM and aftermarket systems
Mille – 2rd series
These new components comprise the entire technical evolution reached by the Hertz R&D Division and are further improved thanks to the modern and advanced research and verification tools; especially for the geometric modelling of cones and surrounds the tool used is the Klippel Scanning Vibrometer
To satisfy the requests of the most demanding enthusiasts, the Hertz high-end range electronics are introduced again. HPD is a full-range D class amplifier line, capable of providing up to 1000W power in less than 30 cm length!
Power, compact size and competitiveness: these are the targets set by the HCP project, as the line name itself, Hertz Compact Power, suggests. The Hertz team used all its experience and know-how to provide the adequate and satisfactory response to the user’s. HCP 5D won the EISA 2013-2014 award as “European In-Car Amplifier”
Three new extremely powerful amplifier models complete the SPL Show line, for those who look for a full Hertz system dedicated to SPL competitions!
Energy – 5th series
The Hertz Energy line has reached its fifth version, increasing yet again the reliability and efficiency features which marked its success, since its beginning!
Mille Legend
Continued evolution to turn into Legend. Extreme dynamics, unlimited power handling, real acoustic scene. All the parameters have been redefined to a superior level to give life to the maximum expression of the “Hertz Sound Experience”. Mille.3 is a total listening experience, transferring the emotions of a live performance to the car environment.
Mille PRO
The Mille line is enhanced with systems, coaxials and the pro components, dedicated to the enthusiasts yearning for the authentic hertz mille listening experience. the accurate electroacoustic design together with the innovative automated manufacturing process provide the speakers with a great price/performance ratio, making them affordable to a wider range of car hifi fan.
The ‘Hertz Sound Experience’ is now digital! Hertz H8 DSP is capable of interfacing with any analog and/or digital source, transforming ordinary “audio” into a high-performance integrated system. The simple and intuitive computer software ensures a wide array of adjustments to improve the acoustic response of a complex environment like the car compartment.
Hertz Marine & Powersports
For 20 years, hertz has created high-performance speakers and amplifiers for the 12 v industry, receiving innumerous awards for its outstanding track record of world-class products. To satisfy our fans who love to be surrounded by nature, hertz has launched the marine and powersports lines, bringing the ‘hertz sound experience’ to their open water and off-road outings.
Hi-End Performance with ultimate technology Mille Power amplifiers are born to fully enhance the outstanding performance of the Mille speakers. The new ADC (ADVANCED D-CLASS TECHNOLOGY) ensures pure listening pleasure while keeping a compact size with unmatched power efficiency.
The access gate to the Hertz signature power. Hertz DPower, composed of the four channels DPower 4 and the mono DPower 1, is the access gate to the Hertz signature power.
Hertz Cento
Taking advantage of the state-of-the-art design methods used in the flagship line MILLE, the team of electro-acoustic designers achieved top performance, never before achieved in this category, to offer you real added value. Thanks to a design planned to the last detail, the Cento loudspeakers maintain a linear and controlled output, even at the very high listening volumes required by younger fans.
Totally new SPL Show NEO, lighter and more compact compared to the previous line and with superior performance thanks to the use of Neodymium N38 H for the motor units and a FEM (Finite Element Method) optimized design.
Mille PRO Shallow Subwoofers
Mille PRO shallow subwoofers have been designed to achieve exceptional performance even when there is very little space available to install the subwoofer box. The lineup includes two sizes, 10 and 12 in., each one available in 2Ω or 4Ω voice coils configuration, removing all barriers to creativity with custom installations.
New Venezia Marine amplifiers
Designed to be the new reference marine amplifier, the new Venezia line reaches an unmatched power/size ratio thanks to Hertz ADC (Advance D-Class), maximizing efficiency while enhancing sound quality that obtains the Hi-Res certification by JAS.
Hertz SP 4.900 amplifier
SP 4.900 is the first Hertz amplifier featuring the renewed Hertz ADC (Advanced D-Class) output stage, reaching up to 85% efficiency and delivering an impressive power rating of 160 x 4 (4Ω) W RMS or 500 W x 2 (4Ω) W RMS when bridged, with an ultra-compact size of 211.6 (8.3) x 130 (5.1) mm (in.).